Sunday, 21 August 2011

Girl vs. Boss | Let the games begin.

BOSS: Hey, do you like Kei$ha?
GIRL: Not particularly; why’s that?
BOSS: No real reason.

*two hours later*

BOSS: I bought us a little treat when I went out for lunch.
GIRL: Ooooh! I love treats! What is it?!

*boss turns up volume on his computer speakers*

GIRL: Kei$ha? THAT is your treat?!
BOSS: Yip! When you said you didn’t really like her, I picked up some potential aggravation in your tone of voice. Now that I’ve bought her album and I have total control over the volume, the rest of my plan should come together quite nicely.
GIRL: Your plan?
BOSS: Well you know, I just thought we could start some sort of office war or something? You vs. Me. That kind of thing...
GIRL: Huh?
BOSS: Well we’re accountants and its winter, so we have numbers AND the cold bringing us down right now.  I thought this might brighten things up a bit, you know... you and me constantly planning revenge and all that...
GIRL: It didn’t occur to you that whiskey would fix both those problems?
BOSS: I didn’t think of that. Maybe next year?


BOSS: It’s your turn by the way.
GIRL: What for?
BOSS: Were you not listening?! It’s your turn to plot against me. You get it? And then once you’ve done that and gotten me back for the Kei$ha thing, it’s my turn again. Great, right?