Sunday, 1 May 2011

Bad Weekend

Right now I'm in a slightly bad mood, so I'm going to talk about my weekend, but only the bad things. I know that's not fair, because parts of my weekend were great, but I'm going to anyway, because I can.

-I was sick on Thursday night / Friday (tummy bug)
-A friend attempted to run into a very fast car (bad injuries and mental state)
-A fire started at a bar I was at (evacuation)
-My handbag got stolen including my licence (identity theft and all-round pain in the butt)
-Someone stood on one of my toes really hard (broken)
-I shared my tiny bed three nights in a row (bad sleep) *ps. just friends only, I'm not The Scandal*
-I had a car crash this morning (broken car)
-My laptop got scratched from flying through my car during the crash (lack of aesthetics)

RESULT: My mental state is starting to wear thin.