Thursday, 28 July 2011

Girl & Boss (again)

BOSS: Why are you so chipper and flighty today?
GIRL (said as fast as humanly possible): I-don’t-know-why-really. I-just-have-so-much-energy-today! I’m-totally-frittering-right-now!
BOSS: Child.
GIRL: Child?! Hmpfff
 *5 minutes later*
BOSS: You’re still all over the place! It’s like a hurricane every time you speak or move! Seriously... what is going on?
GIRL: Nothing-I-just-have-lot’s-of-energy-today-and-tomorrow-I’m-playing-indoor-soccer-all-day-and-tonight-my-brother-is-coming-to-see-me-and-I’ve-just-had-such-a-great-week-haven’t-you-too?
BOSS: You need to-
GIRL: So-yeah-I-just-feel-really-edgy-today-it’s-great-and-I-just-feel-like-work-has-been-really-good-this-week-and-I-got-lots-done-and-
BOSS: Shut up!
GIRL: Hey, what do you think about...
BOSS: You can’t do it can you?
GIRL: Probably-not-definitely-not-today!
BOSS: Take one of these.
*hands girl half of a suspicious-looking pill*
GIRL: What-is-this?!
BOSS: A natural relaxant, read the bottle.
*girl reads bottle*
*twenty minutes later*
GIRL: ...and-then-on-Saturday-night-I-might-go-nd-see-my-aunty-and-I-will-take-my-brother-and-they-got-a-new-puppy-so-we-will-see-the-puppy-too-and-I-read-this-thing-on-the-internet-about-formaldehyde-and-it-didn’t-say-anything-about-going-blind-like-you-said-and-I-heard-this-song-last-night-and-it-was-awesome-i’ll-send-you-the-link-you-will-
BOSS- Did that pill seriously do nothing for you?!
GIRL: Nope!
BOSS: That’s insane! I fall asleep on a half dose! That’s what I gave you, right? Half?
GIRL: Yip!
*boss picks up keys and phone*
BOSS: See you on Monday, I can’t handle this.
GIRL: Oops :/

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